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January 16, 2010


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I can relate to this post, having retired at the age of 50 myself. I still, however, experience anger. It is no longer anger in the workplace. It's anger at the state of the economy and how all the dire news affects me, thou no fault of my own.

A few weeks ago, my previous boss contacted me and asked me to consult and would I be interested in doing some overfill work. Because of the economy and the added financial boost, I said yes. Thus, I am back at the law firm. I had no idea how fantastic it would feel to sit in my old office, my own private desk with it's great view over the town. It was great to once again pack my lunch or have coffee with the gals. Now, when I am at work, I no longer feel any anger because it has become an escape from a very 'real' world.

Go figure. Duh?

Retired Syd

@Morrison: Wow, that is really interesting how that worked out. Not what I would have expected at all!


Great post Syd! I am 2 years retired as well, and have had a couple of those dreams (nightmares) too, what a relief to wake up to my real life! Whenever I think back to the piles of work from my work days and the frustration of wrestling with the system to make anything happen, I relive the joy of early retirement at 50 over and over again.

Retired Syd

@Dennis: I wonder what triggers a dream like this so many months into retirement? It seems like that all should be ancient history by now!


It may be ancient history, but it's still burned into our subconscious, no doubt ... like the occasional dream about being unprepared for a test at school! ... ;-)

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