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March 05, 2010


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Steve Skinner

I agree that in retirement there are way too many choices! I often find that the most difficult thing is maintaining focus on one thing at a time.

Retired Syd

@Steve: So perhaps it's not adult-onset ADD, huh?

Jay Horowitz - Our Take On Freedom

First off, welcome back! Thought you'd gone missing!

Second, I've only been "mini-retired" for a few weeks, but can completely sympathize with your feelings. Over the last month or so, Amy and I have accomplished so much that we've dreamed of. Taking a nap when you feel like it is wonderful, scuba diving is an awe-inspiring experience, and we've actually managed to hit the gym more than we expected.

At the same time, there is so much on our lists that we constantly feel like we're ignoring. Maybe it's time for an obsession!

Or maybe it's just way too early for us in this game to figure out what's its "time for" :-)

Finally, it's simply fantastic that this is one of your concerns! Keep us in the loop!


Syd...I vote for continuing your travel obsession. You are NOT finished!!!

Cindy Maxwell

I found my obsession two weeks into my retirement when I joined a local bike ride. I'd ridden my bike off and on for several years but I was never a regular rider. Now I proudly wear my bright-colored lycra and have a blast pedaling down the street and drinking coffee with my new bicycling friends. By joining the bike club I gained a schedule and confidence that with comes with mastering a new skill. On top of all that, I lost 20 pounds and I've never been so fit in all my life! I keep finding new challenges, some related to bicycling and some not. Retirement is fabulous. Darn, two weeks from now, I start a temporary job to help pay for future travel. It's a new obsession. Sounds like you understand that one.


I vote learning a new language and doing international exchanges OR charity work :)

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