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March 11, 2010


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But...all that hard work that you do allows you to eat extra pizza under the stars.... YEAH!

Retired Syd

Yes, another silver lining!

Laura@move to portugal

To me 'doing it all yourself' seems a small price to pay for being out of the rat race. Very much worth it
Jazz club? Is that Dizzys at Columbus Circle? Fantastic view, fantastic music. The perfect evening :-)

Retired Syd

@Laura: Wow, you're good! Dizzy's is exactly the one I was picturing--my favorite!


@Syd my Mum is a mad Jazz fan and has taken me to nearly all the clubs in NY; Dizzy's is my favorite too :-)

fred doe

your right i was going to get replacement window last year but i got some paint and window glaze and did it myself. with heat gun and scraper and a few weeks of work it came out good. my cost about 200.00 dollars vs. 4000.00 dollars. it all adds up and what the hell i had the time.


Love your posts! I tell folks I'd go down to one meal a day before I'd go back to work!! Having my life back is well-worth any choices I have to make.

Retired Syd

@Mary: I love that! And it would certainly help with those extra pounds I've been trying to get rid of!

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