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May 04, 2010


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Steve  Skinner

To me, retirement is like so many other things in life -- it's only what you allow it to be! I also think that some people tend to over analyze everything.

John Q

Early retirement is a gift. I'm fortunate to have retired 16 months ago at age 56 healthy, financially OK, but still need to define my purpose. Do you remember summer vacation from school at age 14 & 15? What a wonderful time to just hang out, ride your bike and have fun. I'm still enjoying just the fun of being retired but know I will need to better define my purpose.


I have yet to read the Financial Samurai post, but as someone who didn't spend that much time in or wedded to a career, early retirement was simply my response to the realization that there were so many more things I'd rather do than work. I wouldn't call that a failed career. Rather, perhaps, a recognition of my priorities and interests.

Cara Larose

Well, it's true that there are good things and a few problems after retirement! That's life anyway! Just be positive about things in life and you'll able to cope with every situation to enjoy life. Reaching retirement age is another chapter. If you'll live in an assisted living community, meeting new people is very possible and you'll learn new things in

Kathy Sterndahl

If a person's career was such a failure, how could they afford to retire early? I don't get that!

Retired Syd

@Kathy: Good point, I didn't think of that!

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