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June 15, 2010


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fred doe

yes, good post about feeling younger. i just came back from camping and i took my bike, i rode all day. not racing but just meandering. the park is on the delaware river in new jersey i ride the bike path up or down river, cross over to pa. and ride their bike path back. bucks county pa. very scenic. i bought the bike 5 years ago on the boardwalk in ocean city nj. it was a summer rental bike no gears just foot brakes but aluminum frame. you can use it and abuse it and for the $100 i spent it serves me well. i'll do 20 or 30 miles but not know it because it's at whim. you get your exercise like a kid at play you just go, no structure. and the movies during the day well it's great. my wife and i saw alice in wonderland a while back for 5 bucks three dee glasses and all.

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