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June 03, 2010


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Congrats Sid!




Wow, fantastic!


How exciting! Congrats and well deserved Syd.

Retired Syd

Thanks to all of you!


Yahoo! Your blog is my favorite! It is so great to see you get well deserved recognition!


Yay you!
Oh no. Does this mean you have a paid j*b? LOL


Congratualtions, very well deserved :)


Congrats! So is this consider going back to work?

Retired Syd

And thanks to the rest of you too! Hmmm . . . not sure I would consider this an actual j*b. Wash your mouth out!


Nice post over there, Syd.

One's portfolio is important to generate income to cover one's expenses. But what is more important is what one has to do and the lifestyle choices one makes in the many years prior to retiring early.

Yes, there are much more interesting things to an early retiree than one's portfolio when it comes to early retirement.


Thanks for the mention. I look forward to reading your contributions, and checking out your story. I'm a CPA as well. Hope to be retired early one day too. Although, now that I write full time, I sort of feel like I am.


Congratulations Syd. I found your blog shortly after starting mine and I started mine simply because I couldn't find anyone discussing some of the broader issues related to retirement - early or otherwise. You do it so well, I'm not surprised that you've been recruited by US News and World Report.

Retired Syd

@Chris, thanks for the lovely comments.

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