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June 18, 2010


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Early Retirement Extreme

“What is it I always wanted to do and haven’t done yet?” ... I'm thinking it's almost tragic for those who are 65 years old and haven't reached this stage yet. Why wait 40 years?


What I think is different from early retirees compared to normal age retirees (65) - is that most early retirees still ask this question where the normals don't. So I think we (especially I) have a whole different set of issues to think about than I will 20 years from now at normal retirement age when hopefully I'll have calmed down a bit. lol

I think I'm very fortunate that I don't believe that there's one BIG PURPOSE out there for us, we just kind of meander our way into things that we find fulfilling. I think you feel the same. What I do think is the case is that most people who retire early have a very keen sense of their values and what really floats their boat (particularly Jacob on the boat floating thingy) where most don't have that experience of life. So I think we are very, very fortunate in that sense. Particularly since we can 'go for it' with no expectation or caring for monetary results - how cool is that?

I've tried to explain this mindset to others younger than me, like my webmaster that's redesigning my site - I told him that if I ever made any $, I'd want it to go to outsourcing and charity, I don't care about 'monetization.' It's such an incredible feeling and one that I wish more people could experience - or even understand.

To do stuff because you want to give back to the world and don't give a damn about a return is the most awesome feeling in the world I think.

Retired Syd

@jacqjolie: I do feel the same. If I've got 40 or 50 years ahead of me in retirement, I'm fully expecting to find a bunch of medium sized purposes that will change as I change.


After a month- I am thinking..."it is interesting, but where do I want to put my time." I am thinking that by September I may have an answer. Not bored yet:>)

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