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June 16, 2010


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Well...this is pretty scary...Just today I started thinking about this very thing...

I am a little bored...just a little bit on one day...maybe I should start to think about what I wanta do when I grow up....

Hum... It's just not appealing to commit to something that locks ya in... Hummmmm

Retired Syd

@Sara: I agree with the whole commitment thing. Having a deadline each Friday for my U.S. News gig is just about the maximum commitment I think I'm ready to handle, even after two years of exclusively goofing off.

What can we be that won't require handcuffs?


Do you think we have to recommit to something new or can we go with the wind? Right now I want to be an workout junkie - loving jazzercise and yoga and planning my hiking or biking vacations. I want to be fit enough to climb mountains and adventurous enough to book a flight and go play outside somewhere for a few days.

I hope to get to be happy when it is my turn to be a grandmother and am trying to be a wonderful mother-in-law.

Retired Syd

@Sandy: Good question, I'll let you know if I figure out the answer. I'm betting it's not the committing to something, but having the passion for something (possibly a new something) that's the key.

I definitely know that going with the wind is ok for awhile, in fact necessary!

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Kathy Sterndahl

But, Syd, that's the wonderful part of this retirement stuff. You don't have to decide. Do it all! Ten years ago I wanted to live in Japan - so I did. Then I wanted to live in Mexico - so I do. Seven years ago, I wanted to dance. I went out dancing 4-5 nights a week. Then I wanted to spend some time quilting. Then I did watercolors for a year or so. Then colored pencil drawing. Now I've just started blogging. I have no idea what will be next, but I sure never have a chance to be bored. And I haven't given up any of the above (except living in Japan), I've just added new fun things.

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