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June 06, 2010


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You know I love this post the most..of course it quotes ME!

And you know that I have been "cheating" on California with Puerto Vallarta for years. Now my secret love is Miami.

We can afford to be fickle when we know we always have our spot in faithful California just waiting for us.

The Wicked StepMom


I disagree. It is often the case that professional people have to live in a certain place to be close to well paid jobs, these places tend to be incompatable with early retirement or even retirement especially if one is downsizing and wants an alternative lifestyle. I certainly wont be staying where I am now when I ER. Maybe you just had an enchanted life :)

Retired Syd

@Sara, yes you have shared various phrases of wisdom over the years.

@Kath: You make a good point, or if you've had to relocate for your job. In my case, I'd have a hard time wandering too far as this is where all my friends and family live. It would be hard for me to leave my social network.


Yep. I've never had a choice in the matter, I've always had to go where the work is and live in places where I don't really want to be.

fred doe

where to live? now there's the rub? i live at the jersey shore but on the mainland (no jersey jokes) all summer my wife and i lay about the beach and work on our melanoma. something people pay good money to come here and do. you can be in philly, new york or washington dc in no time. you can be in mountains or deep woods where all you hear is the wind. the climate is good, shopping has many options and when i want, i can't spit with out hitting a part time job. i could go on and on but then i'd need my own blog (hum?) many people from jersey retire and leave to beat the property tax but i don't know? people pay to be in disneyland?

Martin, Germany

I also disagree.

As a professional I need to be close to a city (in my case Frankfurt, Germany. The world has changed since I started work all those years ago and we now travel a lot more, have the facility to work from home and have video conferencing. But have we really broken the bond from the office - in my experience no and i don't see it happening in my lifetime.

So back to the point where to retire?

Originally from the UK we thought we might one day "go home" but I think having severed the bonds some years ago going back will be both risky and I feel ultimately disappointing. We will definitely move when we retire but where to exactly - who knows (and that's part of the excitement of it all!)

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