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July 01, 2010


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Syd, I've run into people who think that happy people are delusional. They can't be as happy as they think they are. What else is happiness except a mind state? If you think you are happy, you are. If you think you are having fun, you are.

Deliriously Happy in Mommydom

All I can say Syd is that every 'nudge' I have ever received from you has been a positive one in case you are taking inventory (and that's what I love about them!)

Redired Syd'sdad


Remember what your dad has always said? "Life is too important to be taken seriously."


I've offended someone myself with one of my posts. He was so gracious that I felt like the lowest of worms. Definitely learned a good lesson that time, took the post down and emailed him a lengthy apology. I don't know though, if you don't sometimes make people think and are a bit controversial, is that doing anybody any good? I wouldn't want to just be preaching to the choir all the time - it just seems kind of boring to me.

Retired Syd

@Chris: Well, there you go!

@Delirious: From you, the queen of positive nudges. You know what they say about what goes around . . .

@Retired Dad: Yeah, but what if they're not getting the joke?

@Jacqjolie: Well, yes, but sometimes you wind up being controversial when all you thought you were doing was preaching to the choir!

Jobs on Yachts

Don't mind people who are just giving you a heartache,they don't even know the true meaning of happiness .I do love blogger/blogs because that's the only place where I can somehow find different thoughts and opinions .

lacking ambition

Some people are just miserable and simply won't allow themselves to be anything but. I find ignoring and avoiding them is the best course of action. Life's too short.

Early Retirement Extreme

Same problem here. My "problem" is that I tend to track incoming url refs which occasionally leads to offsite comments like "That Jacob over at ERE lives a miserable life. Who wants to live like that. How can you be financially independent when your wife works and pays your health insurance and you live in an RV. What a joke.". Then I feel compelled to write an angry rant that 1) I pay my own insurance. 2) Whether wifey works or not has nothing to do with the matter. And 3) Not everybody's ego is directly connected with the stuff they buy.

After a recent bout though, when some of my regular readers didn't like the tone of those rants, I decided to fix the problem by simply switching off offsite tracking. My regular readers are more important than random people who read a few posts, draw some wrong conclusions and then go off and write about elsewhere.

Ignorance is a bliss and besides ... what can I really do?

Donna Freedman

I have had readers insist that I can't possibly be happy because I live frugally. What they don't understand is that not everybody is happy in the same way, and that I can still be content even if I don't have all the toys they have.
It used to make my head hurt. Now it just amuses me.

Retired Syd

@Donna: I look forward to someday not having my head hurt and just being amused . . .

Alice Leighton

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