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July 29, 2010


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Mike Crosby

Lucy Good Geeeeeeeeeeerrrrlll;>)


Even I love Lucy... What a good GIRrrLLL!

Bucksome Boomer

That face is so cute! Sounds like you've worked out a good plan for doggie love for now.

The Financial Power

I love dogs too. We have a Lucky too, but it's a boy. He is a small maltipoo with a cute face and a great personality.

I understand your concern that working with animals at a shelter would result in bringing some home. Dogs are friendly and there is just something in their eyes. You look into their eyes and you can see the love.

Dogs are humans best friends. They love you even if your cruel with them.

Kathy G

Hey, if you're in the SF Bay Area, I have 4 beagles you can dog sit -- just say the word! :-)

We love our beagle family and don't go too many places w/o them; in fact, we are considering getting an RV so that they can travel with us in more comfort!

But I must confess that I would love to get back to Maui with my husband, and that means leaving the beagles some place I feel is trustworthy.

I don't have that just yet.

Retired Syd

@Kathy G: Wow FOUR beagles, you are a real glutton for punishment, aren't you. I suppose you have lids on all of your garbage cans, right? I'm just having trouble understanding how they all fit in the bed with you?

Within a few months of having Murphy, our no-dogs-in-bed vow was out the window. She didn't just sleep ON the bed either--she would stand at the top of the bed near our heads nudging the blankets until we lifted them. Then she would head all the way down under the blankets and curl up by my feet. I have no idea how she got enough air, but that's how she slept it for nearly 14 years!

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