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July 22, 2010


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"Spending on leisure rather than spending on stuff" reminds me of a comment made to me by my manager (20 years ago) as I headed off on vacation. The message: "Buy experiences -- not things. You will remember the experiences. The things are forgotten." He was so right.


I would definitely say that I get far more pleasure enjoying time with friends than any item can ever give me.... Most of my friends would agree with that too and we are mostly under 30 so I am not sure if their impression is wrong for the younger generation...

karen bojar

For me (and recent research suggests it's not just me)political activism keeps me engaged with the world and as a conseqence (relatively) happy

See "The real reason I retired—-more time for political activism!" at http://www.the-next-stage.com/

And see "Does political activism make us happy?" http://www.the-next-stage.com/2010/03/one-of-my-facebook-friends-sent-me-link.html


My wife and I decided early on that we valued experiences more than things. Experiences create lasting memories, things can create burdens or problems. This approach is also great for your budget!

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