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July 13, 2010


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Fixed income? Gambling? Mooching off more affluent friends? You're only 44? Will you be taking bus rides to Atlantic City or Reno soon? Perhaps an evening of bingo?

President, Doug & Syd Fan Club

Hey, Average Joe: caught your comment about my friend's Doug and Syd. First of all, there is a quid pro quo. They are our sex slaves and we are able to use them and humiliate them at will in very luxurious surroundings. Of course, we would never be caught dead in some low rent bus to Atlantic City. That sounds more like the way you roll, you pathetic little man.

Let me tell you a little something about friendship since it's clear to me that you have no friends who would ever want to travel with you. No one is mooching off of anyone. We get as much from Doug and Syd, if not more, than they get from us. You can not EVER place a monetary value on friendship and I really do laugh at the insinuation that these people are users. Go back to your bitter little life and revel in your jealousy that you don't have what my friends have - A GREAT LIFE.


WHOA AAAHHHHH ... GO!!! Such fun to read!..THANKS Fan Club Guy!


"No one is mooching off of anyone. We get as much from Doug and Syd, if not more, than they get from us."

Apparently, you do. According to your own words they're 'sex slaves'. Nice. You ARE in Vegas, are you not? So, who can take you seriously?

Oh course I don't have friends like you have. I don't consider free loaders 'friends'.

I thought this was a blog on the greatness of early retirement. Fixed income? Gambling? I thought old geezers were the only ones who do that? Strategizing to get 'free' vaca's from your more affluent aquaintences prob isn't what most early retirees were planning on. Have you gotten to the point that you 'accidentally' over take ketchup or sugar pacs yet?

Thanks for the early retirement advice.

Oooooooohhhhhh! I am sooooooooo jealous.


Retired Syd

@Averagejoe (aka Aida, Morrison Alice, Boomie, Anonymous, etc.):

At the risk of offending you (which risk I take each time I post an entry to my blog it seems), might I make a suggestion?

It is purely out of concern for your health that I suggest this, but perhaps you should lighten up a little. And if that is impossible, perhaps going cold turkey on my blog might help to keep that blood pressure in check. Obviously the extremely controversial nature of the subject matter is causing you undue stress. Left unchecked, this could negatively impact your health, although I don't claim to be any kind of health expert.


I will weigh in on this thread, which is my second ever posting to this or any other blog. I find the posts from Syd informative, well written, positive, and helpful. My view is that critical comments on ideas or issues can be carefully constructively presented and are acceptable, especially if coupled with a suggested alternative view. On the other hand, I find critical comments specifically about Syd (like the ones above) are personal and unacceptable, and to me come across as mean spirited. These detract from the community and I suggest that those holding such personal views simply keep them to themselves (and if they don't care for the blog stop reading it).

Retired Syd

@RDL: Thank you for weighing in on this one. I certainly do appreciate your comments!

President, Doug & Syd Fan Club

Hey Average - and that is really an affront to everyone Average because you are more like Below Average - I have some free advice: stop reading. Since this blog clearly is not your cup of tea, why don't you find another blog that suits your sensibility? Doug and Syd are hardly free loaders. Unlike you, I have known them for over 25 years. We met in college. I was their neighbor and now consider them among my best and most dear friends. I have watched them thru good times and bad. I have been inspired by their success and their ability to seize control of their life and enjoy the comforts of retirement at such an enviable age. They are amazing, smart and generous to a fault. The only one free loading around here is you and your Average insults and outlook so find another pot to piss in and take your little dark rain cloud somewhere else.
I know that by even responding to you I am giving you some twisted little delight. But frankly, I just want you to look in the mirror and know that the person staring back at you is a freaky and pathetic digital stalker who needs a lot of mental help as much as he/she needs a life.

second income

Cool advice!thanks for it...very helpful advice..really good...


I just noticed all the comments and had to read them. Heavens! One of the downsides of the Internet is anyone with a computer and a connection can flame away.

Spending time with friends is a joy, whether you are working or not. It doesn't matter whether you are sharing a tent in the wilderness or a condo in Vegas.

Retired Syd

@Retirementlover: Well you're right about that (on all fronts!)

Online Bingo

i enjoyed this post, hope you had some fun in las vegas! it would be great to just be able to get on a plane and go on a spontaneous trip and believe me, you're not alone in the gambling losses department, i always budget before i take a trip to las vegas and stick to that budget. when i lose (and i always do) all the money i budgeted for gambling i quit gambling.

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