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July 02, 2010


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I'm laughing out loud. I was going to post a comment to the other thread, but I held off. Reaally, if you look around, reired people are doing all kinds of things. the idea that you should retire early or you wont be able to do them is really a fallacy but I assumed at the time you were injecting a little humor there. If you really felt that way at forty something, you're in for a big shock. Of course I also disagree with your life slowing down post, but then I do much more in retirement than I did in my working life.

Retired Syd

@Barb: Finally, someone gets my humor! But I do have to say, I have at least 2 readers that are consistently telling me that health problems and physical ailments are slowing them down in their retirement (one in his 70's and another pushing 60). As a side note, though, most of the people decades older than I lead faster paced lives than I (as you mention above). But the comment I continually hear from retirees of all ages is how happy they are to be able to take life at a slower pace. Glad this made you laugh!

fred doe

simplify, yard work is fun but who are you doing it for? time,money v.s. return. once your retired there's other ruts to explore. do it yourself is the way to go ( like the home depot commercial "more doing more spending" lol) i have begun using the less is more approach and i still get compliments from my neighbors. i mix eggplant,peppers, herbs, tomatoes and even the dreaded zucchini in with the flower garden there by doing away with the vegetable garden. planting ornamental grasses instead of a tree a bush or a shrub. one neighbor made fun of me for the vegges in with the flowers i just told her when your retired there's no rules.

Graham Forbes

Anything that gets the boomers and older citizens to get riled up and talking about there fitness is great. We need to stay engaged and be conscious of our health and activity. Being challenged might be good motivation for some to start, which is how change begins. I have been writing about the boomers challenge to get fit, not fat.

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