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July 20, 2010


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Hi Syd
Great post. I was a little surprised but (from my perspective) happy to see that"Having kids or grandkids had no impact on a retiree’s level of contentment."
I have a feeling that people who enjoy good health are doing part time work and volunteer because they are well and so they can. Meanwhile those who have health issues may want to get out and do those things but their health prevents it.

In preparation for my own retirement I have been very concerned about my social life. I have my work friends but I doubt I would be friends with most of them if it wasn't for work (if you know what I mean.) Most of my coworkers just seem to talk about work. For the past several years I have avoided work get togethers because the conversations are about work and I already spend most of my time at work so I am darned if I want to spend my free time talking about work.

Anyway... I am a budding golfer but no one I know seems to golf. I bit the bullet last month and went out to ladies night golf on my own. (Man oh man was I nervous)
Then...Surprise of all surprises... I hooked up with some other lady golfers and now I have a standing golf night with them.
I guess I dazzeled 'em with my "lack of style".
The whole reason I am telling this little tale is to prompt other readers who are shy like me and let them know that if you put yourself out there friends can be made.

Retired Syd

Patty: What a great comment! You are right about the work friends. I have two really close friends from my working days, but my contact with former co-workers is very sporadic. It really is harder to keep up those relationships without the work part.

Like your golf story, I signed up for writing classes and met some lovely women. One invited my husband and me to join her Bocce league which was not only fun but we met lots more interesting people. You are right, it takes more initiative on your part when you are retired, but the people you wind up meeting share your interests by virtue of where you probably met them!

Keith Lawrence


Your article on the Seven Secrets to A happy Retirement is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for writing it. We have been researchin for the last decade what it takes to have a fulfilling retirement and identified 10 keys to success-several of which you call out. It is much more 'than the money' which most people are focused on today.


Retired Syd


Thanks for your comment--I look forward to reading all 10 myself!


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