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July 27, 2010


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Early Retirement Extreme

Comfortable means being in complete alignment with what you value. Not being in alignment with what your employer or customers may value (unless that's a value for you in which case, maybe keep working).

It is becoming increasingly clearer that comfortable has a lot more to do with overall blood pressure, pulse rate, health, lack of stress, convenience, ... than the most recent list of purchases.

Harvey Saltz

Obviously, you do not understand who, or what, your customer is. Old and blind is what we are, so your website not using large, bold and high contrast lettering is a waste.


We are doing the research today for a possible move down the road a bit. Having lived in bustling Silicon Valley our entire working careers, something a little slower, close to the ocean is what we have in mind. Which will fit in nicely with your suggestion to be open to simple pleasures. I figured out long ago that if I can walk along the beach each day, listen to the waves breaking, smell the fresh air, no where that I have to be - then, I will be where I want to be.

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