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September 12, 2010


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Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom

So very true Syd and glad you have great colleagues! I've known for a long time that I'd work like a demon just for pats on the head so when I was a manager I'd make sure that my pat on the head ratio was really high for people.

fred doe

i've written down the name of the wine. and i'm heading to my liquor store to get a bottle. have a good time with your consulting gig.


Maybe they're just trying to get you drunk so you're not thinking clearly and stay on indefinitely!

Retired Syd

@Jacq: I guess we're like Labradors that way . . .

@Fred: Enjoy!

@Steve: Well that plan has the distinct possibility of working.


There's a bottle of whiskey on my desk right now that I got as a thanks from a colleague, which I was chuffed with. It's not always about the cash.

Enjoy your bonus booze!

Retired Syd

@guinness416: Aah, whiskey, I'm a fan of that too . . .

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