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September 14, 2010


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I think the first of those 3 questions is a bit of an oversimplification of deciding when one can retire.

For me, I knew for years I had had enough of working and had enough to do if I were to retire. What I needed to determine was if I could generate enough income to cover my budgeted expenses for the next 15 years, or alternatively, could I keep my budgeted expenses low enough so that my generated income could cover them.

Big pieces of my revenue and expense puzzle fell into place at different times in 2007 and 2008 (mainly 2008) but once the last one did, I heard a big bell go off inside my head. I knew I was ready to retire, so all I had to do was pick a resignation date.

Bill Birnbaum

Hi, Syd...

I think that the second and third questions are meaningful... but the first is, for many would-be retirees, problematic. Many folks use "I don't have enough" as an excuse to postpone retirement. They either don't have a sense of "enough" or they, for whatever reason, jump at an excuse not to retire. Bill

Retired Syd

@Bill: You're probably right that people are overly fearful about not having enough--I blame the media for that. But the truth is, if someone is using that one as an excuse, the real answer to question #3 is probably not yes either.

It's funny, though, from my experience with the blog, I hear much more aprehension about question #2 than about #1--whooda thunk?

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