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October 28, 2010


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My wife and I spent a pleasant few hours at an Arizona Fall League baseball game yesterday at Scottsdale Stadium, spring training home for your SF Giants. It was sunny and warm and a beautiful way to spend quality time together.

Then this morning I found your post that perfectly captured the joy of a baseball game and its connection to life.

I know you didn't plan it that way, but you hit a home run with your thoughts.

Bill Birnbaum

Hi, Syd... You're so right about a retiree having the choice to enjoy life at a slower pace. The trick, of course, is to recognize and take advantage of that option. Not all retirees do so... or choose to do so.

Hey, by the way, Wendy and I just returned from a trip to New England and New Jersey. We hit the autumn leaves at their peak in Maine and in rural New Jersey. We've got lots of photos to show for it.

While it isn't nearly as colorful here in Central Oregon, it feels good to be back home. As my dad was fond of saying, "It's good to go away... and it's good to come home." Bill

Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

I'm glad you reposted this because I missed it teh first time.

I love the analogy between baseball and retirement. I think I'm a natural for retirement because I've had a lifelong love of the game!

Steiner Sports

This is a great article. Like you, It took me awhile to learn to love the game of baseball. Yankee Stadium is the perfect place to go because of the atmosphere and intensity of the fans. In my opinion the fans there are the most intense than in any other stadium I have been to. You can sit in the cheapest seats in the stadium and still have a great time because it is who you are with that makes the game a great experience.

Alden Place

Excellent post. Who would have thought of baseball as a good metaphor for retirement?

Hope lots of retirees have read this article. The last part tells a lot about retirement. It's a never-ending process.

senior living Pittsburgh

Some of us think that retirement is so boring. But actually, retirement is the perfect time to do things like playing your favorite game and have bonding moments with your family and friends. So don't ever think that retirement is the end. Retirement is a chance to do all things that would make you happy.

Richmond Hill

Whoever says retirement is boring, never experienced real retirement -- that simple. I have met lots of senior citizens living in communities in Fort Worth, Texas where they enjoy and just relax for the rest of their life without worrying about finances -- this is either because they did good at work or they got good family support.

online bookmaker

I feel you my friend, I used to hate baseball as well, I thought it was boring, too monotonous and with few exciting actions till I found it a little interesting and I started to watch it with my grandfather before he died, now I can't stop watching it, I actually watch it to remember my dear grandpa

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