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October 07, 2010


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Peter Tremain

Just thought I would mention that I am now writing what might rank as a retirement blog http://thecalltolive.wordpress.com
I started writing with http://thecaregivercalling.com while I spent two years doing 24/7 care for my wife. I retired in the summer of 2008 to care for her (Parkinson's -- 23.5 years). Mary Ann died about four months ago. The new blog is about my attempt at beginning a new life with neither a career or my wife's care to furnish it.


What a timely article (as was Bob's post). I always said I wanted more time even if it meant less money, but lately I have really overextended-I'll probably be commenting on that in my blog soon. At the moment though, I'm roadtripping between Dallas, Denver, Santa Fe and old route 66. whats more, I planned it two days before I left-who could do that in the "working world"

larry macdonald

Slowing down is good for one's health. People tend to push themselves too much, as long as they are feeling fine. But then a health issue surfaces and they find they have no choice but to slow down. Do it before that point is reached.


The difference in generations! When I read "Slow down everyone, you're moving too fast" I think of Simon and Garfunkel. But, I must add I have a Jack Johnson channel on Pandora.

Thank for the mention Syd. So far, everyone in the blogosphere has been a bit kinder than my creative writing instructor on that example. Importantly, I wrote it for me and enjoyed the process.

Like you, I hope we can expand the number of folks in the retired category sharing experiences and thoughts on blogs.

fred doe

maybe slowing down in retirement is a natural progression? maybe with slowing down comes letting go and focus on what's really real and what's crap. an osmosis.

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