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October 27, 2010


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Matt Baxter

So far this retirement (at 48) is working out. I am writing regularly online and in local newspapers, and substitute teaching just for fun. Turns out I really liked teaching and being a sub I get to do all the fun stuff--like teach--without the dull stuff--parent conferences, meetings, etc.

Here's the problem: the wife still likes doing what she does for a living! As a speech therapist for a middle school she has a lot of breaks when we can hang out, but I am having to fill too much time while she is off at "work." Sometimes I show up at her school with some sushi just because I can.

So I need to get her to work less. Hmm, hard to do when we have so many options and she is already doing what she likes!


Eight years into retirement, I have come to love NOT hearing the alarm clock daily. Other than for doctor appointments and airplanes (to vacation spots) to catch, my alarm clock is just about retired, too!


I am 45 yrs old and very recently decided I will retire at 50. I'm tired. I am implementing a new financial plan to ensure this happens. Simultaneously, I know how important it is to maintain mind, body, and soul. Retirement will not mean anything if I do not have the physical or mental capacity to enjoy it. In the midst of working 40+ hours a week, I do my best to maintain an active lifestyle.


We bought the Retirement Quest book after you mentioned it in a prior post, and are working through the materials. It is excellent. Take care.


I hit the 2-year mark for my early retirement at the end of this week. It has been a great two years. Hardly a week goes by when I see something on TV which would have annoyed me if I were still riding the trains to work - delays, and fare hikes lead the pack. Not having to haul myself to work in the extreme hot weather, cold weather, or rain/snow is very gratifying. My lunches are better at home or at the local pizza joint once in a while.

No more alarm clocks, EVER!

I am a happy camper.

Canadian Dream

Good tip and thanks for the draw. That sounds like a book I would like to read.

Steve  Skinner

When I was working, I did everything to avoid change and when it happened as it always did, I usually accepted it grudgingly. Doing things differently has been a major part of my personal retirement plan.


I'd enjoy a copy of the book. Three months into retirement, I am keyboarding from the basement of my daughter's house. I could never have enjoyed a Halloween with the grandson if I were still in the classroom.


enjoying the blog and enjoying retirement


9 months into retirement and i am so glad I stumbled across your website. Your posts have been a blessing when fear and uncertainity threatened. Every passing day confirms that I made the right decision. Life at 58 is better than I ever believed it could be! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I'm not retired yet but would love to have the book to ensure I start out on the right foot!

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