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November 17, 2010


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Steve  Skinner

I have attended very few cocktail parties in my life but now when someone asks me how I like retirement, I smile and tell them it's the best "job" I ever had!


We have been truly spoiled these past days with the warm sun shiny days in the Bay Area! We just came back from a little wine tasting in Healdsburg and it was 80 degrees! In November! Hard to beat and so important that we take advantage of the beautiful area we live in- wherever that may be - and enjoy the moment. Happy retirement!


Congrats on your new career: radio star! Seriously, the nerves you felt are felt by everyone the first few times you face a microphone. After 35 years in radio I saw more folks than I can count totally freeze up when the "On Air" light went on.

Years after I began I'd still get a combination nerve/excitement rush every time before I went into the studio. You'll be fine.

Retired Syd

@Bob: All I can say is I'm glad it was a pre-recorded commentary. I don't know how you folks can think and speak live on the air!

fred doe

i've entertained Boredom. and when she stopped by she brought her ugly sister Sloth with her. and like any unwanted house guest they over stayed their welcome but i tricked them. i got them drunk and gave them cab fare home. we still keep in touch but if they call to stop by i just tell them i'm busy. ah but how sweet it is to do nothing! have you though about the fact that when the people who read your blog hear you on the radio they'll say hum i didn't think she'd sound like that? :)

Retired Syd

@fred: I think when I hear my own voice on the radio I'll say, "hum I didn't think I sounded like that!" I think I sound better on paper . . .

Nancy Dardarian

My husband and I retired to Mexico four years ago, and love that even a "nothing" day is spent in a glorious place with fantastic friends. We both have ended up working part time, which fits perfectly in our new tropical life. We know that an optimistic attitude is so important.

If anyone is interested in what life is like in Mazatlan, Mexico, I have been blogging about our life there at www.countdowntomexico.com.

Cara Larose

It did sound like a perfect day during a retirement! Doing things like gardening that you couldn’t do in the past because you are busy with work is a nice way to spend your days during your retirement. And with the time on your hands, I’m sure you can do lots of things like catching up on your reading and doing some thank you notes.

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