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November 04, 2010


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Interesting....I think it depens on how much you direct that spare time. I also think it depends on how much you had structure in your work life (and how much you liked that structure). I fill my time, but I dont have structure per se. I work when I want and dont when I want, and I still go to bed and get up as I please. That would drive some people crazy, I realize.

fred doe

many people i know who retired around the same time i did went right out and got a part time jobs. with out a one they left or got fired:) from those jobs in 3 months time or less. the ones who held off a year or so then got part time jobs have faired better. so there might be some logic to your approach. i think it's a attitude thing. you don't mind certain things when you know you have a alternatives.


You always find a unique way to say what many of us experience. "Elective scarcity" is a perfect term for the phenomenon of a retiree who chooses to add some work to his schedule.

I have worked seasonal part time (about 30 hours a month from Oct-April) for the past few years. I look forward to the days I work and really appreciate the days when I don't.

That is exactly your point!

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