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December 28, 2010


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Hey Syd...This post is JUST great....I can see why Doug "LIKES" it.

Now the question is .... will I ever get over that feeling of guilt when I am wasting time? I felt guilty aboutt not studying from the time I graduated from college until now...

Time to get over it!!! With your encouragement!

Retired Syd

@Sara: Maybe a 12-step program?

Steve  Skinner

I like the idea of letting go of time management and just spending a little quality time goofing off.

Bob Lowry

Spent the day at the Desert Botanical Garden and then went to see the new True Grit movie. Skipped morning to-do list, then skipped afternoon list as well.

Not bad.


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

First Gen American

I love it. We have this week off from work and there is definitely a temptation to cram in a ton of errands and projects to maximize our days off. Instead, we've been taking it easy and leisurely getting to our projects, mid/late morning.

I still feel guilty but I'm glad I won't go back to work utterly exhausted.

fred doe

happy new years. once your retired time is yours to waste. losing weight, i've lost an honest 20 lbs since i've retired because i don't eat as much and i guess i eat better. not due to any effort, but because i have the time and i like it. i save more money now. why because i don't eat my lunch at jersey diners. what do i do with the money i save? i invest it in stocks and i do very well. why because i have the time to research and there's no sense of urgency. one thing leads to another with out trying. giving up drinking is easy i've done it hundreds of times:) 108lbs for the last 20 years,your batting 1000 girl friend.

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