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December 23, 2010


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Bob Lowry

I made my living conducting market research for a few decades and you have reached an accurate conclusion: it is possible to find a study that supports any position you want.

This is true for two primary reasons. A research study is completely dependent on the sample, that is the people who participate. By choosing a particular type of person, or from a narrow economic or geographic perspective, the results are almost predetermined.

Secondly, how the questions are phrased makes all the difference in the world. A poorly worded question, or one that introduces bias into the question, will produce predictable answers.

None of this is to say either the CNN or AARP study is flawed. But, it does help explain why two studies that seem to study the same people produce results that are the polar opposite of each other.

Introducing my own bias into the debate, I lean toward the AARP conclusions.


I think too if you ask people about the state of the world today, they will say it's going to hell in a hand basket. But if you ask about their personal situation, they say they, personally, are very happy with life.

The constant barrage of news gives the impression the state of the US and the world is chaotic and depressing. I think it pays to focus on your own personal circle of friends and family or whatever makes you happy, and pay less attention to 24/7 news.

Retired Syd

Ain't that the truth, Joan!

Newly Retired

It seems that pessimism sells with the media. As a newly retiree after spending 34 years in chemical research, I find retirement enjoyable. If you establish your goal and reach the desired results, you have achieved your goal. No need to feel remorse. I enjoy reading you blog and will work to how to enjoy the next phase living life as I determine it not the corporation.

Pastor Larry

Happiness in retirement has a lot more to do with what you are retiring to than what you are retiring from. Goals and direction don't need to stop when you quit working for a living. Do what gives you joy.

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