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January 15, 2011


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I have missed your posts.
I don't see a lot of change for those of us retiring baby boomers.
Looking forward to hearing more from you.

fred doe

i too have missed your post. but thought you might have been on vacation. that aarp study is a dry read. (maybe exciting for accountants) you have a great blog but sometimes i don't like what you write. like the fact that it's 66 degrees where your at. i looked like Ralphy from a Christmas Story when i went for my walk today.

Retired Syd

@fred: I know, I guess I shouldn't rub it in, huh? Gosh I hope no one tips you over on your walk--be sure to carry your cell phone so some can come help you up!

Bob Lowry

It is 70 degrees here today and 75 tomorrow. Isn't that what we sell to the tourists?

Glad you are back, Syd. I agree the AARP study isn't a barn burner, but the information is important.

All those Baby Boomers retiring equals more available eyes for blogs like ours.

Enjoy your writing class and welcome back.

Retired Syd

@Bob: 75 degrees! Now you're really making poor fred doe jealous.


I missed you too Syd (even though I didn't write to tell you)! Somehow I figured you were off doing your thing-finding balance :)

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