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January 31, 2011


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Ralph@retirement lifestyle

I love what you say here. One of my frustrations about my career is that I had almost no control and even though at times I loved what I did, it was all a house of cards that could (and did) change precipitously. Doing it over, I would not accept the idea about a job that was prevalent when I started my career (70's) that you picked a good employer and worked as a team until you retired with a comfortable pension. We were naive but it looked like the truth at the time.
Taking control is important and then managing the career to create a lifestyle you enjoy. Multiple income streams, planning so that you actually live the life you want instead of anticipating a future fantasy.
Power on!

Retired Syd

@Ralph: Your experience is very similar to my father-in-law's. He thought he'd work for the same company until he was ready to retire in his 60's but then he was forced to take early retirement in his late 50's:



I retired at sixty, so my retirement plan had a built-in 21 month stress-test (pre-SocSec). I've never felt guilty and never looked back. I have absolutley no interest in going back to work - this retirement thing is just too much fun. I'm neither rich nor poor and I gauge my retirement "state" on the income statement rather than the balance sheet. The ideal state is spending less than my fixed (pension) income. Acceptable is spending less than my total income (Pensions + Int/Divds) but if I spend more than my total income the retirement state is "troubled". With a cruise to Hawaii and a three week road trip through the parks of the southwest I've had a couple troubled months - but never a troubled quarter. Three years in and we've never touched the foundation accounts. Life is good!!!

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