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January 18, 2011


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fred doe

you always hear that one should have a diverse investment portfolio. now that i'm retired i like to have a diverse life portfolio. when the market crashed i had fat cash to buy. of the money i invested i made 150% return not big money but more then i had. i made mistakes (like i'll lay on my death bed saying, "i should'a bought Ford at a dollar a share") but it's a learning experience about my own prejudice. i thought everyone would stop buying those latte's, boy was i wrong Starbucks has been rocking and rolling since it was $7.00 a share. i never would have invested in single stocks if the market had not crashed. i don't bet the "farm" but i make what a part time job would give me. and i have a part time job too.


When I left my job in late October, 2008, the market was on the decline. And it was not just the stock market but the bond market, too.

Because my company's stock (ESOP) was at the time evaluated only once every quarter, it had not yet experienced a big drop as of its 9/30/08 evaluation. However, the corporate bond fund I was using its proceeds to invest in had taken a big dive by the end of October, very close to its bottom. So I was able to sell the ESOP while it was still pretty high and buy into the bond fund at bargain basement prices, getting the best of both worlds.

With the 401(k), I rolled it into an IRA using the same asset allocation I had with the 401(k) although I later bought some of the stock fund when the price took a further dive in the next few months. I have since done some small rebalancing when the bond fund's price was near its peak around last September.


Hey Fred- We bought Ford for a dollar and some change. We bought it again at seven. Whew!
We have been lucky so far.
Not real thrilled that Congress may play chicken with the national debt. We are seriously thinking of getting out before March 15th.

Online Senior

Great post. We're also in a state of "what next" when it comes to the market. We actually haven't been in the market for about a year now because of all the flux and turmoil. Got in on the cheap on a few things here and there, but nothing substantial. Our confidence in the market has waned and now we're looking to other opportunities to balance our portfolio. Good luck.

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