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February 07, 2011


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fred doe

retirement dose not take away all your problems, only 50%. i think once your out you need to get board really,really, really board, in order to find what you want to put your hand too. your life becomes a process of fine tuning. like a buffet you go up try different things, you go back, and take what you like most, then you go back and get your favorites. as far as guilt well i have none,it's counter productive. frugality comes to me by osmosis i practice what Mies van der rohe taught. and it works. as far as memory loss well i forget what i was going to say? you'll have to forgive me i walked 6 miles on the beach today. 45 degrees quite balmy for jersey this time of year.

Retired Syd

@Fred: Retirement as a buffet, great metaphor. I may have to steal it . . .


Thanks for the link, Syd!

I think a military veteran's "commitment to service" makes them especially vulnerable to retiree guilt. Besides, after you've spent an entire career taking care of your people, in retirement it's sometimes hard to set limits.

The good news is that once we understand the symptoms, it's easier to adjust...


Thanks so much for the link, Syd. The post about prison ministry generated a lot of interest. I'll have a followup article available on Monday.

I like Fred's buffet reference, too. That really is what retirement can be like. Just don't get stuck in the dessert or salad or bread section. A satisfying retirement requires a main course.

Retired Syd

@Bob: Great observation--it is a buffet and you need something substantial to anchor the meal around. Very clever both of you!

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It depends on how you live your life and how you worked. Retirement is just a word and is defined as not working, leaving your job and having lots of time in your hands. It may be boring at first, but if you think about it, you have lots of time to spend it with your family and friends. To enjoy life and not care if your boss will be angry. It is a time where you begin to nurture yourself into someone wonderful.

Neil Fiorenza

I wonder how great to be in your retirement years! Besides having beneficial plans, you also enjoy doing things naturally without thinking consciously about deadlines, projects and other tasks. It's also great to still have an average exercise daily to stay healthy, once you've already retired. Most importantly, just live your life to the fullest!

Darius Cartmell

Finding the best place to retire is the first priority, assuming you have the retirement money that you worked so hard for. A beach house or condominium is probably the best place to spend retirement. Time to enjoy yourself with the wonderful sea and sand.

homeowner associations

Not everybody retires by choice. Sometimes people are forced to do so due to illness or physical problems that prevent them from continuing in their careers, or financial considerations such as layoffs.

association management companies

At this stage of the game, to get me out of retirement, and away from 'enough', the bottom line would be all that would matter. The money would have to be big enough to garner my precious time.

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I think a military veteran's "commitment to service" makes them especially vulnerable to retiree guilt. Besides, after you've spent an entire career taking care of your people, in retirement it's sometimes hard to set limits.

Cathie Sarnecky

My blog, "7/24, 365 - How to Survive Retirement" was published in 2008...I have taken a sabbatical for a year, but the title is obviously 'borrowed' for lack of a better word." Suggest you check on intellectual property laws.

Retired Syd

@Cathie: I will certainly have to go check your blog when I have a moment!

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