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February 15, 2011


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I love the idea of the marshmallow test - simple, yet effective!
I wonder, can financial literacy and patience be taught?


Well, I know I would have failed the marshmallow test as a kid as I always fail the cookie-dough test while you can always make it last forever. I am so glad I am married to you (and you are managing my finances).


For some of us the trick isn't saving the marshmallows, that's the easy part ... instead the challenge is roasting and enjoying a few. Enjoy.

Retired Syd

@Marige: I do think financial literacy can be taught--I don't know why we're not teaching it in high school. Probably patience is a little harder.

@retiredhubby--you bring up a good point, maybe if you just partner up with someone that saves the marshmallows you can improve your odds of achieving the goal of retirement.

@Rick: A very good point! Another challenge is roasting them just right--try to cook 'em to fast and you burn the outside and the middle isn't even warm. But if you have the patience to enjoy the fun of roasting them, you can get them just right.

Newly Retired

The new challenge that new retirees face is switching from saving to spending a well diversified portfolio. There are personal finance courses offered at adult education/ community colleges. I just have to resist the temptation of gorging those marshmallows while eating enough to enjoy them.

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