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March 11, 2011


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Ironically it seems that the children of the super rich have more of a curse than a blessing. Just look at the Getty grandkids and the DuPonts. Both of these groups are very dysfunctional. Up until recently (about 1980 via Reagan) much of the super rich inheritance went back toward the good of the nation where it was accumulated. Now the kids and grandkids get most of that wealth and then don't know what to do with it. Excessive money whether it be inherted or earned ends up messing up the people who have it. As an example today just look at Charlie Sheen who got $1.25 million per episode and put much of it up his nose.
I am the son of a milkman and proud of it.


Your story about saving for a stereo reminded me of a similar event from my young adolescence, when I worked hard mowing lawns and housesitting in order to save $100 for the purchase of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). My parents were not interested in buying it for me, so they taught me the lesson of deferred gratification. Over two decades later I still have it, and it still works.


Thanks for that link to the post by Tim. You're right: it is outstanding.

I've often argued the point with friends who are still working (and stressed) as they try to accumulate enough wealth to have everything. They just can't see how one can be happy with a minimalist approach to life despite having me as an example.

I suppose it is just as well most people are like that or there might not be enough still working to keep the economy functioning!

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