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April 05, 2011


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Accidental Retiree

This is a lovely place. Is this the same spot on Molokai that your friends have? I ask because it reminds me a bit of our favorite spot, Napili Kai, on Maui.


Hawaii looks nice. But as a New Yorker I always wondered -- if you're in California, why go to Hawaii? They look the same to me!


Sightings, very profound.

Early Retirement Extreme

Haha! On the other hand, living in California absolutely sucks for going to Europe. You'll spend the next two weeks jetlagged.

Retired Syd

@Accidental: This photo is the Big Island--more on that in my next post.

@Sightings and Morrison: The difference is about 25 degrees.

@ERE: You are right about that, my friend!

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Hawaii is the dreamland, who doesn't like Hawaii is a liar. My vacations in Hawaii are the best, I never get enough going there, is my favorite place, maybe because there I met my husband, love of my life ;), there I spent my honeymoon, so how I could not like it :P


Being a lifelong S. Californian, and a repeat visitor to Hawaii, I can say with some authority that Hawaii and California are very, very different. Different weather, different topography, different cultures, different lifestyles.

How ridiculous to say visiting one offsets the need to visit the other. Or how ignorant, take your pick.

(Sorry Syd, but Morrison's passive-aggressive posting flip flops on your blog are simply bizarre.)

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