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May 12, 2011


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I like and agree with your post, which provides a clear example of how our generation, boomers, are approaching retirement differently that our parents. The concept of retirement today doesn't mean slowing down. Instead, you're re-focusing your energy on multiple interests, without the strain, and singular identity, of a major career job.


I tell people I'm semi-retired, that I do some freelance and consulting work either for my old company, or else for a few new accounts, and that I mostly work at home sitting behind a computer.

To me it sounds pretty boring. I'm surprised when people say they envy my situation ... but it turns out, a lot of people do!


I have nothing intelligent to add to the post ... just wanted to say I love the photo. Good doggies!

Retired Syd

@guinness416: Great photo, isn't it? Those are the winery dogs at Von Strasser winery. Makes me smile.

@sightings: I think that reveals that many of us don't just hate working, we just crave more flexibility and control over our time.

@Adam: That's exactly it!

Accidental Retiree

This is yet another good observation on the transition from working to 'retirement,' whatever that means. If anyone asks me what I'm doing, I'll just say "What Syd said!"

But seriously, I feel in many ways I am following in the tracks you've laid down. I'm writing because I like to, not because I expect to make any money at it; I am working on a certificate for a new field (fiduciary management) and recently acquired certification as a senior advisor (does that mean when I talk to myself I need to listen more closely?); and I do some volunteer work.

Really, I've found that not being tied to the 40-hour cubicle job lets me do what works best for me: many things at one time.

Thanks for articulating the experience, Syd. I always enjoy reading your blog entries.

Oh, and I LOVE the dogs! Labs are great! (Says the woman owned by 4 beagles....)

Ralph@Retirement Lifestyle

I thank you for this post. I like you am living a multiple identity life but it just never occurred to me that there could be multiple answers to the question- what do you do? My answers are usually bewilderingly complicated and unrelatable to most people but I think I am trying to be 'honest' or 'accurate' with a rambling and disconnected answer that doesn't mean anything to the questioner.

Retired Syd

@Accidental Retiree & Ralph: One of the things I love about blogging is when people leave me comments that make me feel like I'm not alone in my experience. Thanks for making me feel that way today.


Seth Clementi

"...the word retired conveys an identity as well."

A poignant thought, Syd. Depression is not unusual for a lot of people who reach this stage in their lives. It's difficult to accept that society expects of them less because of this label. But the label has its perks, sometimes.

Drew Harrison

Oh, blogging is a good choice since you can do it at home. Writing jobs are in-demand nowadays, and the fact that you can be a home-based writer can be the convenience that you need. :)

Ann Hearn

Great post. There are so many different ways of defining retirement. I will always have to be doing something.

JoAnn Spears

I'm living this too. Great post.

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