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June 16, 2011


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I find that those people who are active and exercise look and act younger. It is wonderful that your dad is out there living rather than sitting in a chair and watching TV. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.


Just a slight comment, if you please. Your dad may have done all those things but perhaps you could have selected a different photo? Seeing a man laying down on the ground, looks like he's exhausted. And if he really did all those things you said, not a good image, if you ask me.

Just sayin'

Retired Syd

@Howard: Well don't you think he deserves to be exhausted!?! I'm exhausted just recounting his activities!

Retired Syd

P.S. He's actually lying down on a bench after a fabulous birthday dinner we made for him in our outdoor pizza oven. It doesn't get any better than that, don't you think.


Great post Syd! Your Dad reminds me of my Step Dad, George, who turned 71 today. So active and such an inspiration. Our next door neighbor runs 4 miles a day and the rest of the time he spends working in his large garden, baking his own bread, listening to opera, etc.. he just turned 72. I so want to be like them and you are right, they make 70's look young!


A fantastic example of what life can and should be as one ages. A lot is known of the quality of life benefits that come from taking care of one's self yet too few make that choice. May he continue to live a great life for decades to come.


Happy birthday to your dad! I found out this last winter while going cross-country skiing during the weekdays that there's quite a lot of 65+ people out at that time. They give us all something to aspire to when it seems like 90% of the people at that age are talking about their aches and pains and all the meds they're on.

Bill Birnbaum

Hi, Syd...

Your dad is quite the role model. Congratulations to him on aging so well. We should all be so fortunate -- or committed to staying active and in shape. Bill


I have to start every conversation with my dad by asking "Hi Dad, where are you?" His answer might be Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Oregon or Florida. At 75, he is still zooming around the country on either his a) motorcycle, b) ATV, c) motorhome, or d) bicycle(!)

He was in Arkansas on his sidecar motorcycle (one of several motorcycles he owns) when I called to wish him a happy Father's Day. He had apparently stopped for gas a little earlier in the day, on his way to pick up a sub sandwich for dinner, and had struck up a conversation with a married couple while filling up his tank, which is very much his style. They ended up inviting him to their family's Fathers Day BBQ and he was in the middle of a side of pork ribs when he took my call.

I can't tell you how much I love it that he lives big. I am doing my best to do exactly the same in my own way and with my own particular set of "toys."

Retired Syd

@Tamara: Wow, your dad sounds a lot like mine. I could totally see my dad striking up a conversation with his "new best friend" and joining them for the festivities. (My parents meet a lot of "new best friends" in their travels.)

We are lucky aren't we?

Cara Larose

Your dad seems like an energetic man! He must be pretty happy living his life right now. You must be glad that he visited you for dinner. That way, he can feel even younger as he grows old. You should really catch up with him all the time, and continue to make him feel glad about his precious life. He might be busy, but I am sure he can still spare some time for his family. :)

Mike Caudill

At 84 my Mom stays pretty active on the farm. She carried an 80lb bucket of tar to the roof on a ladder. When I came home, she was up there cutting limbs too near the roof. She says she still feels like she can do anything she use to. She still works from sun-up to about 12:30AM every day.

Richmond Hill

Lucky for your dad that he's still alive and very healthy. The opportunity to live for 74 years is already an achievement. Not all can live up to that age because of different factors such as stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. But your dad has earned two-thumbs up! We just wishe that he lives for more than a hundred years!

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