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July 09, 2011


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I only ask one thing from you as a going away present to all of us left here without you. Can you please, please, please tell us who you house swap with? Just the name of the business would be fine (NOT the actual people, of course!). If you are using them, then they might be trustworthy. I don't trust anyone right now and need you to share your expertise.
Also, how do you make your house ready for the swap? Do you lick away all your personal possessions, clothes, special things?

I understand your need to stop writing. You have burn out. We all go through it. For me, I take a few days off but somehow my fingers start itching and I need to get back to a keyboard.

Good luck to you. You were my favorite blogger. I always logged onto your site first before I started my day, just to hear your expert logic. A sincere thank you.



I meant 'lock' up your personal stuff.

PS: as for me, we had renters scheduled to rent our beach house but in the end, no matter how much money they were paying me, I just didn't want anyone living in my home. It would be different if the beach house was just used exclusively by renters. I can't see sharing my bed with another unknown human being. Sorry. Just can't do it.

Bob Lowry

As my first blogging friend when I started just over a year ago, I will miss your insight and wise counsel. Your blog has always been an excellent site for referral traffic and for that I am quite grateful.

The points you make are solid, and frankly, some of them resonate with me. At the moment I plan to continue on, but when blogging becomes a chore instead of a creative outlet I'll move on to something else.

Please feel free to leave an occasional comment on my blog, and let my readers know how you are doing.


Appreciate the au 'voir, Syd. Too many bloggers just go dark without explanation.

I think the challenge lies not in reciting the epiphany, but rather in finding ever-more elegant or insightful ways to present the same curriculum...


Thanks Syd for all of your retirement wisdom. You have no idea how inspirational you were in helping me to believe I can retire at the young age of 50 (4 years left). I wish you all the best!!

Retired Syd

@Morrison: Thanks for your nice note. I hope you are right, that it's just temporary burnout. I would love it if the time off reinvigorated me to get back to it, I have loved having this blog and such great virtual friends. To your questions about home exchange--that might have even inspired me to write a full post on the subject. But in the meantime, here's a link to the expert, she was a wealth of information when I started home-exchange: http://homeexchanger.blogspot.com/. But if you are uncomfortable with someone sleeping in your bed, it's probably not for you.

@Bob: Thank you Bob. I will definitely chime in with comments from time to time.

@Nords: Well now there, you bring up a good point. Hmmmm . . . .

@Bridget: Thank you so much, I'm so glad to hear that. And good luck in your own launch to retirement!


I, too, hope this is just a temporary blip, especially since Sylvia at Feminist Women Facing Retirement is also retiring her blog.

Regardless, I've always enjoyed reading your work.

fred doe

in buddhism a bodhisattva is one moving toward enlightenment. you syd are now in the buddha stage. when the day comes that i remove your blog from my bookmarks i'll do it with a song in my heart and a big sh*t eatin grin on my face:) good luck and have a good life. retirement nirvana awaits. maybe you have arrived?


Seems sometimes like living out loud should be reserved for fiction - or the incredibly thick-skinned since you're showing the questions and not the answers. Writing what you know is boring anyway, I don't know how some people manage to do it.

I hope you don't stop blogging since I've learned so much from you, although I'd definitely understand why you would.


So glad I found your blog before you reached retirement enlightenment so you could help me through my retirement transition. :-)

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and for pointing me toward wonderful retirement transition resources like Mr. Zilinski. Three months after retiring at age 48, I am living my version of "big," and loving life in a way I thought I'd not experience again.

I wish you continued happiness, and wild new adventures; lots and lots of both!

All the best,


Newly Retired

Thank you for the insights on retirement. Sounds like you need to retire from this blog which started as a part time gig that evolved to a full time job. I 'm glad you followed your original plan to retire and engage only when it suits you. Your advice has helped me chart the course for my retirement which just started.

Where did you find the organization which deals with home exchange? It takes a great leap of faith to allow total strangers in your home.

I hope I can hear from your blog in the near future. Meanwhile, ENJOY !!

Retired Syd

@fred: I love the way you look at things! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face on MANY occasions.

@Grace & Jacq: At the very least, you'll see me commenting on your blogs.

@Tamara & Newly Retired: Thank you both for such nice comments and here's to continued happiness in your retirements!


This was one of the first (and best for me) Blogs I read as I transition into retirement. I just want to say Thank You for myself and the Many Many others who mostly remain quiet but have gained so much from you.

Canadian Dream

Best wishes on your break regardless on if it become permanent or not. I know I will miss your stories and I hope to hear the occasional update.

If you are ever near Regina, SK, give me an email and we can have lunch. Or if you decide to shut down the blog entirely I would always welcome a guest post from you.

Rich Berger

Good luck, Syd. I predict you will be working again full time before long. That's not a bad thing if you want to.

Retired Syd

@Rich: Now THAT made me laugh out loud (I know that wasn't really your intent.) There's NO chance I'll be working full-time--in fact lately I've ben contemplating when to extricate myself from the part-time gig. Very funny.

@Jeff: Thanks, that is so nice. Thanks for breaking your silence!

@Tim: Too bad Regina isn't closer to Montreal or I'd take you up on it soon! I'll see you one way or another in the blogosphere though.


Oh thank you - I suppose I should write something then. LOL

Susan Shirley

Oh my Gosh we would miss you so Syd...I have learned so much and we hope with a short break you will be back at blogging soon!!!


I have very much appreciated your perspectives. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes.


Hope the blogcation is a relief! Retirement should be relaxing, not stressful. Especially stress about writing a retirement blog....a little ironic? All the best!

Bill Birnbaum

Hey, Syd... Best wishes to you in your transition to "the next chapter" in your life. I've enjoyed reading your blog posts and appreciate all of the insight which you've so generously shared. See ya, Bill


Now you are leaving and I have just arrived. I found your blog last night and am very impressed. It appears you have hit upon every topic and thought I have had the last 10 years. While you are refocusing I would like to read your blog from the beginning forward. Where does it start? I believe I scrolled back as far as December 2008. Is there a quicker way to get to the beginning (or end depending on which way you are facing) than hitting Next on each page? Thank you for your insights.

Retired Syd

@Dorothy: Wow, thank you so much for the nice comment. (And stay tuned, I'm getting itchy fingers again so will probably be back in the not-too-distant future.)

I just added an Archives button in middle column off to the right. If you click on "Archives" now, you'll get a list of every month. I started in October of 2007. Happy reading!

Old Fashioned Homemaking

I actually just found your blog as you are planning to possibly quit writing it. But I'd just like to say that I retired from teaching at age 55 in 2008. At first it was really strange. I felt guilty every time I passed my school, like I was taking sick days and was not really sick.

But it's been three years now, and as I look back, I don't know how I ever kept up with everything. The stress of the job and the demands of producing high test scores in the kids.

I'm thoroughly enjoying retirement. I'm home with my husband and my FOUR dogs. My sons live on their own, but they're not far away. I'm here whenever my family needs me and that means a lot.

Retired Syd

OFH: Thanks for your comment. FOUR dogs! Sounds like the life to me!

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