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August 19, 2011


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Now that is what I call retirement!


What a lovely cat (also retired LOL) all curled up there. Too bad it is not next to you on the main cushion.


How I love my afternoon naps

fred doe

you have me beat in retirement. i still can't take a proper nap! a character flaw on my part i know but if i just apply myself i know i can over come it. practice, practice, practice.

Retired Syd

@fred: My condolences. Sleeping in general is an activity in which I excel.

fred doe

i was practicing nap on the beach in ocean city new jersey at 2pm and i got shaken awake by a earth quake? but i'll try again tomorrow. ( i know you californians are laughing.)

Retired Syd

Fred: I have to admit, I was glued to the TV today watching the coverage of that quake. It's just so unusual to be watching a quake out there! We are usually out there (in NYC) for the U.S. Open tennis. That would have been weird to feel an earthquake there! Just so unexpected.

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