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August 15, 2011


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See? You just had writers block and was stuck in the thought of writing about the 'same old thing'. You had to step away so that you could reinvent yourself and refocus.

There's a ton of things we can write/blog about. It's called 'living life'. It's always changing and very invigorating.

I missed you something awful. Welcome back! I look forward to reading your posts again. And yes, a picture is worth 1000 words. Keep them coming also.

Retired Syd

@Morrison: Thanks for the warm welcome back!

Dave Bernard

Looking forward to upcoming posts! By the way, any real high points in Montreal and Quebec City that I should be aware of? We will be visiting in a few months and are just putting together our must-see list. Happy Retirement!

Bob Lowry

Welcome home, Syd!

The idea of themed days is interesting. It will be fun to follow their evolution. 4 days a week is ambitious, but I bet you can do it.

Time to go add you back to my blog roll.

Retired Syd

@Dave: Thanks Dave--it's great to see you over at USN now!

Quebec City is about the cutest town on the planet, I don't need to tell you anything specific, just walk and it will all be there at your feet (I wish we had stayed 3 nights instead of just 2.) If you like Jazz have dinner at Largo.

In Montreal, use the Bixi Bike system to get around--a great way to see the city. Don't miss Old Montreal and port. If the weather is nice, spend a day at the "beach" on Ile Notre Dame. Be sure to take in the neighborhoods: The Plateau, The Village, Jean-Talon Market, downtown for restaurants and museums, and the parks Mont Royal and La Fontaine. See Totem (Cirque du Soleil) at the old port and jazz at Diese Onze.

Retired Syd

@Bob: Thanks Bob. I look forward to resuming that honored spot on your blog!

Doug Nordman

Good to have you back, Syd!

The best part about turning in a summer blogcation essay is that you can skip the rest of the classes anytime you want...


Great to have you back, Syd....So guess my gut was right that there was no reason to bid you farewell earlier when you threatened to retire this blog...

P.S. I'm now somewhere between 4 and 16 months to joining you in freedom land and will continue to check in here for inspiration..., Penta

Retired Syd

@Penta: Yep, I got a second wind! Home stretch for you, soon you'll be adding your own advice here!

Retired Syd

@Doug: Very funny. . .


Hooray! Syd is back. :-)

Leaving on a 15 day, 120 mile Swiss Alps hiking trip in two days. I've been hiking 40 miles a week in preparation, so I'm right there with you on Wellness Wednesdays. You can count on me sharing one photo for sure when I return for your Traveling Tuesdays.



So happy to have you back!! I was sad when I didn't think I'd hear from you again as you have been such an inspiration along my journey to early retirement in 4 years. It sounds like a break is all you needed. Glad you enjoyed your blogcation and looking forward to the posts and pictures!!


Good to see you back and I hope you will resume posting as you did before.

Tom Sightings

Welcome back to the blogophere. What I'm getting from your post -- and what I've found from my own experience -- is that blogging becomes addictive. But, there's nuthin' wrong with that!

Bill Birnbaum

Hi, Syd... Say, you mentioned that you visited Montreal on a home exchange arrangement. How did you arrange for the home exchange? And I'll bet you a nickel that, in answering my question, you'll have the makings of an interesting post. Bill

Retired Syd

@Tamara: Good for you! Looking forward to seeing those photos!

@Bridget & Deegee: Thanks for the nice welcome back.

@Tom, I think you might be right about that addiction thing. On another note, congratulations to you also for picking up the reins over at USN.

Retired Syd

@Bill: Don't you worry, many posts coming on that subject.

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That's new to my ears, 'blogcation'. I'll use that term too in my future escapades.

Newly Retired

Welcome back ! I look forward to some tips on transitioning into retirement.
What agency did you use for a home exchange. You are probably aware of the San Francisco women whose apartment was ransacked by criminal who used a home exchange agency. How do check credentials of prospective exchange tenants ?

Retired Syd

@Newly Retired: Thanks. I will write some posts on home exchange tips next week. The woman who had her home damaged was not actually a home-exchange, that was a rental through AirBnB, which I will also talk about.


Yay! I like your blog "itinerary".
I'm still on blogcation, but also had renewed enthusiasm to write on the vacay - that's what it's supposed to be about it seems - renewal and reinvigoration.
I have my punishing Cathe Friedrich 12 week circuit weightlifting DVD's awaiting me upon my arrival at home too. Almost scared to go back home... :-)


--So I’m going to try and organize my future posts around these themes--:

You wanted to stop blogging because you had worked yourself into too structured a routine. So, you took a couple of weeks off and you are back to organizing your week again. That doesn't sound like retirement, it sounds like work!


So happy to have you back! I just checked back in since I assumed your blogcation was going to be a bit longer but it's nice to find you back sooner than I anticipated! I'm not ready for retirement any time soon but find your blog filled with interesting food for thought in general :)

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