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September 16, 2011


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We took a company sponsored retirement seminar before we retired. The facilitator asked us what we wanted to do when we retired. Most people said travel, many said golf every day! The facilitator told us that statistics show that people who rarely travel before retirement take one big trip after retirement, then don't travel much again. People who golfed before retirement, golfed after retirement. Those who didn't golf, don't take it up.


I may be a minority of one, but I don't like to travel. Instead I chose to live in the place I most liked to visit and that had the activities I enjoy within easy reach. Now I only travel, grudgingly, when it is necessary to visit family.

Retired Syd

Margie: I think that's exactly right. Retirement: Life, only more of it.


We've always traveled, first by car when we had children at home and funds were tight (oh the on-the-cheap travel stories I can tell!), then by boat and plane as our income rose. We also camp and hike on a regular basis, so our going off to hike the Alps was indeed more of the same, as both Margie and Syd have suggested, but amplified just a bit.


Congrats on your retirement. Both of you look happy. I'm trying to figure things out so I can retire early too.
Europe rocks!!!! Good luck!!

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