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September 30, 2011


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Banjo Steve

Ah, that's one big reason I am SO glad that my wife also retired. She LOVES doing the repainting around the house - contrasting my absolute loathing regarding painting. So, her willingness to do painting allows me to procrastinate in other areas..... :)

Steve Skinner

I too accomplish much less of these projects despite the fact that in retirement more time is available for them. How does that work?


It's not the painting, it's the moving stuff around to get rady to do the painting. Sigh. I'm getting there.

Retired Syd

Banjo Steve: Same as in our house, my husband is not interested in painting. But it works out, I'm not interested in drip irrigation or stereo/entertainment systems.

Steve: I guess because you think, I can always do that tomorrow . . .

Barb: Just the price you have to pay to get to the fun stuff I guess.

Tom Sightings

"De-fauxing" -- cute! But I have to say, while I have done a little painting since retirement(B only lets me paint the basement or the garage, for obvious reasons), I can't say I'm putting scraping and painting on my retirement wish list!

Retired Syd

Tom: You are not alone, most people I know do not like painting. I think I like it because you can see the progress instantly. Maybe that's why I don't mind vacuuming or unloading the dishwasher either.

fred doe

ah painting! you have to wade into the fray! but think of the scents of accomplishment you feel when your done and you can stand back and admire your craftsmanship. but enough BS. retirement only solves 50% of life's problems. syd my wife unloads the dishwasher but when i turn it on i count it as washing the dishes:) i like that color. our dinning room is like that. they call it dill pickle (not kidding) i had my doubts but it's nice.

Builders in Surrey

We started a home imrovement project 6 years ago.... still haven't finished! Not sure if its a lack of time or money or a combination of both!

Morticia in South Carolina

OK, y'all have gotten me to admit that I like painting. I am planning to retire in a few months and already fantasizing about what shade of green I will paint the dining room. My husband also dislikes painting and he is going to work for a few more years so all he has to do is help me move heavy furniture. I will paint while he is at work.


That's a pretty green. What color is it?

Bathroom Renovation Brisbane

I am not a fan of painting , but I love to see finish works it looks great and very inspiring to follow though, i don't have a hand of a painter lolzz;)

Wall tiles

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Seattle Retirement Homes

Oh, it's a big reason I'm so happy that my wife is retired. She loves painting around the house - the opposite of my absolute disgust for painting. So, for his willingness to do the painting allows me to procrastinate in other areas ..... :)


They did this in a few seattle retirement homes and it really made a big difference with those that lived there. They didn't like having to be moved around while it was happening, but they loved the results. Great work.

Robin Huns

That shade of green works perfectly. Very soothing.

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