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September 27, 2011


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Breakfast or brunch = brekkie!


Such a good message....

Wonder if those no ID and free wine are good in the airport in Vietnam???... we'll be doing several flights...would be nice!!!



I love the translations!

Tom Sightings

Cute post. But as long as I live, I'll never understand the International Date Line and how it can be Wednesday there but Tuesday here.

The farther west you go, the farther behind you get -- so if it's 6 pm in NY, it's 3 pm in CA. So shouldn't it be -- if it's Tuesday here, then it's Monday in Australia?

See what I mean. I just don't get it.


My favorite Aussie phrase - "No worries" instead of "Your welcome." It seemed to exemplify the overall Aussie approach toward life that we observed during our travels there.

Regarding being clothed on a nude beach . . . when we've encountered this (and blushingly agreed that as a result of our Puritan roots we just can't seem to get comfortable shucking our clothes and "doing as") we keep near the water line, gaze out at the ocean, admire it loudly, and keep on truckin' through.

Bob Lowry

I'm on Maui at the moment taking a much needed break. Compare these prices to Australia's. A gallon of milk is $8.00. A regular container of Maxwell House coffee is $15.98. 2 morning cheese danish are $6.00. A grand slam at Denney's is $12.15. As of today gas is $4.45.

How anyone can afford to live here is beyond me. Even so, it is as close to paradise as I'm likely to come during this lifetime.

Enjoy your time down under.

Retired Syd

Tom: It is a kick to get the day before everyone else. My step mom said "oh good, you can tell us what happens tomorrow!"

Tamara: I almost included the "no worries" one, except that one has made it to the SF Bay Area lexicon now, so I didn't.

Bob: I'd say the prices are very much like Hawaii--although not bad at the grocery store like they are in Hawaii, really just the restaurants. We've eaten a lot of dinners at home, not just to save money--we're usually so exhausted at the end of the day we're too tired to get out for dinner. Plus the house we're in on exchange is so lovely, we love hanging at "home". Have a great time in Maui!


Back in our salad days, taking our little family to Hawaii was a hugh, hugh splurge. In order to economize, I packed a rolling ice cooler full of frozen meat, condiments, sauces and rice and checked it onto the plane. It arrived in Hawaii with everything intact and the meat still frozen solid. After unpacking in our condo, we used the cooler daily to carry our picnic fixings, and then I packed it full of Hawaiian pineapples and chocolate for the flight home.

I'm not saying I'd do this today, but I must admit I thought it was fairly brilliant at the time.

Actually, now that I've given it some thought, I absolutely might still do this today!

Bob Lowry


We buy breakfast food and most lunch fixings at the grocery store and eat dinner out. A small cooler goes with us so if there are leftovers we can bring them back to the condo for another meal.

Even so, Scottsdale prices are looking good!

Tractor Shipping

I love this country so much. You portrayed the topic well.. Especially the concluding paragraph and the mid section made a good read... keep posting...All the best.

Veta Preslar

Australia it is! I wanted to visit that country for it has lots of tourist destination.

Got interested reading this section and great posting by the way, keep it up.

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