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October 10, 2011


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Linda Vaughn

I love this blog and look forward to reading it prior to each posting. Any thoughts of putting it into a book?


Banking time was unheard of when I was articling. They implemented it shortly before I stopped working at a Big Firm (8 at the time I quit I think) but I think it was at a 50% rate (they finally had to do something because of the huge turnover rate and whoever was left behind had to pick up even more work.)

I would frequently lament to my son that I would have made a better hourly wage at McDonald's. He didn't quite get it and thought it would be quite a coup for me to get a job at Mickey D's though.

I've had tons of money paid out through not taken vacation time. It's a personality flaw, I admit it. :-)

Retired Syd

Linda: Thank you so much! I would indeed love to write a book--an optimistic rendering of retired life to counter all the doom and gloom that dominates the retirement news of late. Maybe some day I'll get to that . . .

Jacq: Does that mean they didn't even PAY you overtime? I can't believe the 50% rate would be legal, but what do I know. Now on that paid for vacation time issue, definitely time to change your ways . . .


Yay! A book!

Nope, no OT. Everyone was base salary at the two firms I worked at. Hence why I call one of them Toilet and Douche. I think the CA programs were more tightly hired up here at one point, and it's not like we had a union or something - just slave labour that the mean old farts took advantage of under some kind of "pay your dues" mentality - aka baby boomers gone bad.

I feel I am somehow mending my ways by contracting and getting paid hourly the last couple of years. At least if I feel struck by the overachieving compulsion (doesn't happen as often and sometimes if I lay down, it passes), I get paid for it.

Retired Syd

Jacq: Ok, good to know you've got that one under control now. (And I may have to steal that line sometime, how you combat overachieving, very funny.)


I'm certain other retirees didn't set out to be faced with gloom and doom. Consider yourself to be a very smart, savvy, fortunate and lucky woman.

I only wish you much continued retirement success.

Keep those stories coming. I enjoy them so!


Retired Syd

Morrison: You got that right, I'm a very lucky girl indeed!

fred doe

nice painted piggies. but please don't forget to bring back some seashells it's the souvenir that never goes bad. i see a lot of seashells in these last two blog entries.

Drew Harrison

Ah! They're really good at it! Those who do the same should read this, especially those who retire early. Retirement is a chance for you to bring out your personality, right?

Bill Birnbaum

Hi, Syd... I can certainly identify with your being the "vacation queen." For I was "the great vacationer." Bill

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