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November 01, 2011


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I have good friends who have done home exchanges all over the US and in Europe with great success. Your situation sounds great!

mary downey

My husband and I are interested in home exchange - what is a reputable company for these exchanges?

Retired Syd

There are many reputable companies, but the one I like the most is homeexchange.com. They have the most listing (which can be cumbersome when you are searching, but provides you the most choices) and you have to pay to join. There are free sites, but I prefer people to have a little skin in the game--filters out the non-serious exchangers.


You make me want to quit work and enjoy the good life NOW! I can't wait to retire. Keep enjoying life : )

Brian Luckhurst

Hi Syd

I love your statement about free home exchange websites. Our website www.homeexchange50plus.com was launched two years ago and is currently free to join, in truth to help us get established, but from Jan 2012 we will start charging and, like you, "I prefer to have a little skin in the game - filters out the non-serious exchangers.

I recommend,as I am sure you do, that all your readers consider swapping homes for a vacation, it is such a great concept.

Enjoy your travels

Brian L

Tom Sightings

Thanks for the tip. I've used cyberrentals and vrbo, which are not exactly the same thing, and I want to try the evergreen club. But this one looks good too.

Btw, I tried to add your site to my "More Grownup Voices" list, but for some reason it wouldn't "take." Is that b/c you're in typepad? Or is there another explanation you know of? Thx!

Retired Syd

Tom: Looks like you figured out the problem--thanks for adding me to your list!


Just dropped in to say I liked your comment on Sightings at 60.

Retired Syd

Nance: Oh good, someone got it! This feels like such a nice little neighborhood where you would come over here to tell me that. Thanks!

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