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November 21, 2011


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fred doe

when you retire you miss the clowns but not the circus. ms. trunk's blog is very good. (not as good as yours) and i'm glad you linked to it or i never would have found it. happy thanksgiving.


Syd, you might enjoy Alain de Botton's book "The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work" - one of the occupations he studied was accounting (E&Y specifically).
I follow PT as well, and she's bang on on this. I'm glad you didn't let the jerk get to you - or not enough to throw the baby out with the bathwater anyway. ;-)

Retired Syd

@Jacq: Well I'd be lying if I said he didn't get to me--he really got to me. But I did finally shake it off after a few days.

Tom Sightings

The concept of "weak ties" is an interesting one. As for myself, I like working (freelance, part time) because it means someone thinks enough of me and my work to actually pay me. A thank you is always nice; but the money makes me feel like I'm still worth something.


I think loss of daily interactions with others, even the weak ties folk, was my primary concern when I first retired. And I still miss my work spouse! (But, of course, I do understand the reason I needed a work spouse was because of the stress of the job...)

My new activities have pretty much filled in the gaps, and I'm forming new ties that are just as satisfying, so I think I'm over the hump.

Funny enough, last night I hosted my book club, all of whom are still working. As they arrived and began to talk, I could hear the stress in their voices as they began to compare notes on who had had the worst day. I didn't interrupt, and eventually they vented themselves out. It was a good reminder of what I'd left behind when I retired.

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