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December 09, 2011


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Beautiful. As if out of a Home & Garden magazine.

side note: why three stockings?

Retired Syd

Morrison: That's so funny, you are the third person to ask me that today. Because they look better than two of course!


Good for you. I have the tree out, the nutcrackers on the mantle and the christmas dishes out. More than that I cannot promise.......


Thanks to a mouthy retriever, I haven't had a full Christmas tree up in the last FOUR years. No stockings, nothing at all ball-shaped, not even able to have pillows (they appear to look like squeaky toys.) I'm chancing it this year with a tree with a ton of tinsel, garland and lights only. Which is a shame, since I had the coolest animal print motif tree the year before the mouthy one joined our family.

Retired Syd

Jacq: Oh man, just when I was stating to get the urge to get a puppy again you remind me what I would be in for.

Tom Sightings

Nice tree. I'm even more impressed at how neat and clean your living room is! Is it always that way, or just for the photo op? Also, what's that in your fireplace -- candles?


Get the puppy anyway! I just got up from a nap on the sofa with my little dog, who was curled up against my stomach while I slept. My spouse informed me we were both snoring softly in unison, and that it was quite adorable.

And for the record, she is positively perfect and has absolutely no bad habits other than a penchant for stealing my socks and placing them into her doggie bed. But since it's clearly a sign of her complete and utter devotion to the scent of me and my feet, I choose to overlook it.

Retired Syd

Tom: It is always that neat and clean because it NEVER gets used. One of those silly living rooms--we do all our living in the family room. It pretty much only gets used for cocktail hour before Christmas dinner, which has led to my calling it the Christmas room. (The fireplace is gas--the kind you turn on rather than light. There is a moratorium in my county on real fireplaces (because of the pollution), so newer houses only have these.)

Tamara: Oh, you do remind me why I love them so!

fred doe

very beautiful and the tree is a perfect conical shape. gas fire place? there's something to be said about that. no splitting wood or stacking, no ashes and it's on demand! i only use my living room for the tree too and to read mail but i'm stating to use it to just read. any way have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.


Good on ya!

Now, I've printed that picture and filed it in my House Renovations file as an illustration of some changes I want to make. Right after the Holiday, Mr. Mature and I launch DIY Home Remake Extraordinaire...which reminds me of how much I loved it when I was working and paying other people to do stuff like this, but never mind. I'm sure I'll learn just loads in the process.

Joyeux Noël!

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