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April 12, 2012


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New at this

This was shared from a very well known "motivational Speaker" who was supposed to be "motivating" a group of the top execs at the fortune 100 co where I currently work. The idea he was pushing was to live a balanced life, etc. But I can tell you all it did for me was pour gasoline on my burning desire to retire on Dec 15, 2012, before this place kills me. He also shared similar statistics for IBM and AT&T.

Retired Syd

@New: That's funny--it would have had the same effect on me. Motivational yes, but not probably what he had in mind!

Bill Birnbaum

Hi, Syd... From time to time, I do a bit of part-time consulting to feed my need for an intellectual challenge. Then, when my consulting assignment is over, I enjoy the added freedom in returning to full-time retirement. I guess that "the grass is greener." Bill

New at this

So maybe Time isn't an independent variable in your formula for this post.....

Retired Syd

@Bill: I read one of those studies awhile back that said that a significant number of Boomer retirees expected to "cycle" between periods of work and leisure for their retirements. I can see the appeal of that now.

John Laser

Thanks for this post! I think sometimes it can be difficult for some people to embrace retirement. Especially when it comes close to the time of leaving work.

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