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July 04, 2012


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New at this

Will be anxious to have you again focused full time on retirment, Syd. My countdown is now down to 5.5 months from doing the same and am beyond anxious about having some time to think about what I want to think about all day, instead of what I'm paid to think about all day....

And as strange as it sounds, after succumbing to becoming fully "institutionalized" over the last 25 years (job requirement for survival), it's kind of scary....My 18 year old version of myself would be repulsed...Let the detox begin...


Syd, no do-overs for me with regard to work. The idea of one more trip on the trains to the office horrifies me (although the LIRR finally put in some "quiet cars" on their trains so I could ride in peace and quiet for a change). I'd sooner work for $6 an hour shelving books at my local library a few block away.

I have a few do-overs I'd like to do in other parts of my life but not with regard with work.

Retired Syd

@New at this: Home stretch! 5.5 months, you're almost there. Of course it's scary--there's a word for that feeling. It's called normal.

I'm anxious to have me focused on full-time retirement too. See you there!

Retired Syd

@deegee: I want to know what those are! Do tell.


Ohhhhhh Syd. Other than a few women in my life I could have done without ever meeting, the main do-over would have been to live one more year in my crummy rental before buying an apartment. I bought my place in 1989 before interest rates and home values fell, so with one more year in there I would have saved up some more and been able to buy a slightly bigger place for the same cost and gotten a cheaper mortgage with the lower rates.

And similar to women, there are a few mutual funds I could have done without ever getting involved with. I did not lose any money but only broke even while most other funds were making money. I did not have a lot of money in them so they did not derail my early retirement.


Welcome back Syd!

At 14 months in (me) and almost 2 months in (hubby) we've already realized the importance of maintaining structure and incorporating goals into our retirement to remain stimulated and keep our lives vibrant. Both are similar to what we did during our working years of course, but the details are now totally different - they're fun!

New on our list is long distance bicycling. We're loving it, and beginning to think beyond local one day racing events to multi day trips.

I envision our retirement as a continuation of this approach - new opportunities around every turn.

Retired Syd

@Tamara: You've got a good point. Retirement is a time when you can have continual do-overs.

Suzanne Vosbikian

Welcome back Syd. Can't wait to see where this "retirement do-over" takes you. I'll be following along.


Nice to have a post from you. Take care.

Kathy Sterndahl

Welcome back! As you start your second retirement, I'll be going back to work - very part time and via my computer. Adding to the travel fund!!!

Caloundra Bookkeeping

Have fun! Do the things that you've never experience while before you were busy working.

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