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August 04, 2012


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New at this

Welcome back to where you've been striving all these years to be.....!

The real question however is why'd you leave in the first place? I seem to recall in your post, "the half million dollar question", that you wouldn't leave the cocoon of early retirement even for that handsome sum....So I hope they paid you well, and that you have some fun plans for your unanticipated new stash.....?

Retired Syd

@New, you are always one step ahead of me! Next post I was going exactly there. (Well almost exactly there.)


I think the key here is that you, Syd, have the financial independence to call the shots in your own life. Whether you choose to return to work on occasion, spend hours doing volunteer work, ordays basking in the sun, you, and no one else, controls your own destiny.

Which is exactly what financial independence is all about.

Retired Syd

Tamara: Amen sista!

Laraine Walker

It looks like you have found the right life style. Have fun!

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