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August 31, 2012


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New at this

Think I had the same dream....but turns out after pinching myself, it was actually happening...But at least its Friday....3.5 months to go...! Enjoy your visit....

P.S. How did u get your bikes to NYC?

cindy pope

I agree!

fred doe

I had a dream about work last night too? But everyone in it was speaking a foreign language?

Retired Syd

Fred, But here's the important question. Did you understand it?

Tom Sightings

I hate it when those old work dreams steal time in your retirement. Yes, I still have them occasionally, and I've been retired for a little over ten years.

Not sure what the solution is. Maybe more trips to New York?

Bob Lowry

I've been away from my career for eleven years but still have dreams about it a few times a year. It is usually the same dream (nightmare) with slight variations. I guess after 35 years it was so much a part of me that bits and pieces will keep surfacing forever.


I stopped dreaming about work after just a month or so. What still remains odd is when I run into someone I used to work with, which happens from time to time because I live in the same town where I worked. I'm always frozen with indecision when it occurs - do I play it cool and pretend I think about work from time to time, or do I do I tell the truth and share just how awesome my early retirement actually is?

I usually land on the later, but refrain from going into any detail. They wouldn't believe me anyway.

stephen sovie

I retired about 4 years ago and moved to Malaysia. I still have dreams about work, but they are more like nightmares.

New at this

Just a little reminder from the front lines....Currently at a corporate weeklong event where we are herded like sheep from one mind numbing event to the next to hear very lame speaches about things like, "there is no I in team...".....Not sure if others get as nauseated as I do with this stuff because everyone is obligated to clap after every session.....

Additionally, just talked to yet another super-employee type who after dragging his spouse from one relocation around the globe to the next for the past 20 years, will be divorcing....

Your idea of being "disconnected" is more attractive than you can possible imagine...


Gary Taylor

It's just you getting used to the fact that another era of your life has ended, and another has begun! Whether the experience that you have had during that time was positive or negative, you dream about it because there are lessons and events that you have learned from - they have become part of you. Understand and enjoy their significance :)

Alexander Stone

Hi, Syd!

Just a note to say we miss you. Hope you'll blog again soon. Meantime, I'm catching up with your older posts, which make a great read.



Retired Syd

Alex, you're a sweetie! Well timed comment, I just started working on a post last night. Stay tuned.

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