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August 03, 2012


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Suzanne Vosbikian

Welcome back!


Welcome Back. As I recall you were working part time for awihle? We are just beginning to settle into retirement in Arizona. We retired in June. Any big plans on the horizon???? Cindy

Retired Syd

Thanks Suzanne and Cindy. Yes--big plans on the horizon! In about a week, I'll be blogging from New York City. We're headed off to a month-long home exchange with a nice couple that we exchanged with a few years ago. No better way to get re-acquainted with the full-time retirement lifestyle than with a trip to the center of the universe. At least, that's the best way for me!

cindy pope

Have an awesome trip!

Chuck Stevens

You certainly seem to be enjoying you're retirement! I've been doing some research on how to plan for retirement- all the usual stuff like planning a budget and finding a great life insurance quote when I stumbled upon your blog. It seems like you are really enjoying you're retirement! You definitely did something right along the way- I hope I can do the same!

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