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August 08, 2012


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New at this

Jealous beyond words...!

4 months, 7 days to go!

Retired Syd

@New: You're almost there!!!!

New at this

Kind of like waiting for the bell to ring at the end of your last class of the day on a warm spring day in grade school!!!!

Larry Gould

I had trouble adjusting to my first go at retirement. I didn't actually manage to stick it out for long! Well done for getting around to starting that to-do list on your terms.

The Catch Up Artist

Hi Syd,
I've been getting your feed for a few years and love it. I just started my own blog a few weeks ago with a different slant, it's about getting ready financially for retirement, when you haven't really saved enough. According to everything I read, a lot of us are in that boat, including me. So I've spent the last three years trying to catch up and my methods are starting to work for me. I decided I wanted to share them and also hear what other people are doing. Hopefully we can all cheer each other on, as we try to get ready.

The Catch Up Artist

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